High-Speed Device-Independent Quantum Random Number Generation without a Detection Loophole

Yang Liu, Xiao Yuan, Ming-Han Li, Weijun Zhang, Qi Zhao, Jiaqiang Zhong, Yuan Cao, Yu-Huai Li, Luo-Kan Chen, Hao Li, Tianyi Peng, Yu-Ao Chen (+8 others)
2018 Physical Review Letters  
Quantum mechanics provides means of generating genuine randomness that is impossible with deterministic classical processes. Remarkably, the unpredictability of randomness can be certified in a self-testing manner that is independent of implementation devices. Here, we present an experimental demonstration of self-testing quantum random number generation based on an detection-loophole free Bell test with entangled photons. In the randomness analysis, without the assumption of independent
more » ... al distribution, we consider the worst case scenario that the adversary launches the most powerful attacks against quantum adversary. After considering statistical fluctuations and applying an 80 Gb × 45.6 Mb Toeplitz matrix hashing, we achieve a final random bit rate of 114 bits/s, with a failure probability less than 10^-5. Such self-testing random number generators mark a critical step towards realistic applications in cryptography and fundamental physics tests.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.120.010503 pmid:29350962 fatcat:mc46n5na2nbh3klpg4g353b4wm