JOURNAL OF INSECT BIODIVERSITY AND SYSTEMATICS Checklist of sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) from Iran

Mohammad Khayrandish, Mohammad Khayrandish, Ali Talebi, Stephan Blank, Samira Farahani
2017 J Insect Biodivers Syst   unpublished
A BSTR ACT. An updated list of the sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) from Iran is provided. The list inculdes 178 species of sawflies belonging to 60 genera and 9 families. Family Tenthredinidae is the most species-rich group (131 species) followed by Argidae (18 species), Cephidae (9 species), Megalodontesidae (7 species), Cimbicidae (4 species), Pamphiliidae (3 species), Orussidae, Siricidae and Xiphydriidae (each with 2 species). Also genus Tenthredo is the most species-rich genus with 23
more » ... h genus with 23 species followed by Macrophya (Tenthredinidae) with 17 species and Arge (Argidae) with 12 species. General distribution, synonyms and hosts associated with larvae for all recorded species are provided.