2020 İnönü Üniversitesi Kültür ve Sanat Dergisi  
In Anatolian weddings, the tradition of getting a bride has a special importance among the traditional phenomena from the past to the present. It is possible to see both sadness and enthusiasm at the same time in this tradition, which begins with the taking the bride from the father's house and includes the process of being taken to the groom's house. In the traditional wedding ceremonies, the folk tunes sung in the process of receiving the bride are called the weather of receiving the bride.
more » ... eiving the bride. Being widespread in the national scale and showing various musical differences from region to region, bride receiving melodies are among the important instrumental types in terms of Turkish folk music (THM) repertoire/theory. This research focuses on the detection/classification of musical characteristics in the bride melodies. In the research, with the evaluations made on the bride receiving melodies notes recorded in the TRT-THM archive and various video/audio recordings of these notes; Studies were carried out to determine the musical elements in the bride receiving melodies. In line with the evaluations made; It has been concluded that the bridal-taking atmosphere embodies rich musical characteristics, that the Karcığar maqam is common, the 7 and 9-beat rhythm are the most important instruments in this genre, and that the "zurna", "asma davul", "sipsi" and the clarinet are the most widely used instruments in their traditionel performances.
doi:10.22252/ijca.799718 fatcat:4rynj27xkbc4vm5ibqjf2d6mpq