Physico-chemical properties of Trichilia emetica seeds oil and its comparison with some selected oilseed oils

B Adinew
2014 Bulgarian Chemical Communications   unpublished
The physico-chemical properties of trichilia emetica seeds have been studied for their domestic and commercial applications. The color of the oil was yellow and it was solid at room temperature. The seeds have been found to have good oil yield of 65.81% which is comparable to the oil yield of some selected commercial seed oils such as cottonseed, safflower, soybean and olive oil. Iodine value (60.15mgI2/100g), peroxide value (0.56mgO2/g), saponification value (180.09mgKOH/g), acid value
more » ... OH/g), kinematic viscosity (49.85mm 2 /s), refractive index (1.47) and unsaponifiable matter (1.79) of the oil were determined by A.O.A.C. High saponification value guarantees the use of the oils in cosmetics and soap making industry. The acid value of the trichilia emetica seeds is higher than the maximum permissible acid level of 4mgKOH/g fat or oil required for edible virgin fats and oils and therefore it is necessary to purify the oil to make suitable for consumption. However the oil recorded low iodine values suggesting trichilia emetica seeds oil is highly saturated and may not be susceptible to rancidity. This study shows that, trichilia emetica seeds oil is a good source of edible oil for the local community after purification.