57th National Congress of the Hungarian Society of Laboratory Medicine

2014 Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine  
The laboratory of the future -the laboratory's future SY1.1-5 Inflammation and Immunology SE1.1-5 The role of laboratory medicine in clinical research SE2.1-4 Routine Laboratory Diagnostics -Solutions not to be automated SE3.1-4 Drug Monitoring, Toxicology SE4.1-4 Youth forum -"You have the X FACTOR" YF.1-16 Vascular and Thrombotic Diseases SE5.1-6 Endocrinology SE6.1-5 Hematology SE7.1-5 Routine laboratory diagnostics (II.) SE8.1-5 Education and Policy of laboratory medicine in Hungary SY2.1-5 Poster Presentation P.1-51
doi:10.1515/cclm-2014-0679 fatcat:hef7auqqcncdlgqpys7oj27ola