Effect of Electric Field on Energy Gap and Transition Temperature of a YBCO Superconductor

Masinde, P Tanui, K Khanna, Murunga, Chelimo, Sirma, Cheruiyot
2017 International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications (IJLERA)   unpublished
Since superconductivity in cuprates occurs along the Cu-O planes, the Cooper pairs and positive ions can interact with each other leading to the creation of an electric field. The effect of this field leads to the increase in the value of energy gap (Δ) that turns out to be 62.5meV. This value is three times the experimental value of 20meV. The value of í µí±‡ í µí± lies between 181K and 290K for í µí¼Œ = 2Δ í µí°¾ í µí°µ í µí±‡ í µí± that may lie between 5 and 8. For a typical experimental
more » ... lue of í µí¼Œ = 6, the value of í µí±‡ í µí± turns out to be 240K.