The motor cortex is involved in reflexive compensatory adjustment of speech articulation

Takayuki Ito, Toshitaka Kimura, Hiroaki Gomi
2005 NeuroReport  
Although speech articulation relies heavily on the sensorimotor processing, little is known about its brain control mechanisms. Here, we investigate, using transcranial magnetic stimulation, whether the motor cortex contributes to the generation of quick sensorimotor responses involved in speech motor coordination. By applying a jaw-lowering perturbation, we induced a re£exive compensatory upper-lip response, which assists in maintaining the intact labial aperture in the production of bilabial
more » ... uction of bilabial fricative consonants. This re£ex response was signi¢cantly facilitated by subthreshold transcranial magnetic stimulation over the motor cortex, whereas a simple perioral re£ex that is mediated only within the brainstem was not.This suggests that the motor cortex is involved in generating this functional re£exive articulatory compensation. NeuroReport 16:1791^1794
doi:10.1097/01.wnr.0000185956.58099.f4 pmid:16237328 fatcat:77po7afdpfe5zhay442j53y3aa