Report On Ethical And Social Issues

Julien Debussche, Jasmien César, Min-Sung Hong, Zuzana Nordeng, Rut Waldenfels
2018 Zenodo  
This Deliverable identifies and examines various societal and ethical issues that are relevant to the production of, access to, linking of and re-use of big data in the transport sector. Chapter 2, on the one hand, discusses the concept of big data, its particular characteristics, and its possible use in the transport sector. On the other hand, it delves into the interaction between ethical and social issues and the ways to integrate these into the existing policy framework. In Chapter 3, the
more » ... thors examine the various identified ethical and social issues and discuss the challenges and opportunities that may arise in this respect, coming up with notably the following findings:  Trust: Although the research in trust has already become relatively mature, the huge amount and diversity of data and data sources provides lots of new opportunities but at the same time poses many challenges for online trust, notably in the context of transportation.  Surveillance: Considering the role of government agencies and their increasing requests of information to the private sector for public security purposes, it appears necessary to adopt specific rules to regulate the information flow, to define the rights over data and to ensure adequate enforcement.  Privacy (including transparency, consent and control): The advent of the GDPR has had a considerable impact in the domains of privacy, transparency, consent and control. This strengthened legal framework is likely to respond to several ethical issues and thus improve end users' trust in the use of personal data in a big data context.  Free will: Although big data-driven profiling practices can limit free will, a huge part of what we know about the world comes from data analysis. Careful and appropriate information analysis can open up plenty of chances and might reduce the limitations and problems for free will.  Personal data ownership: This Deliverable concludes that a claim of ownership by a data subject in its personal data would be hard to sust [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1465546 fatcat:3hh3o5zuzjh2xgjgvbxny4f2pm