Measurement of the fusion probability,PCN, for hot fusion reactions

R. Yanez, W. Loveland, J. S. Barrett, L. Yao, B. B. Back, S. Zhu, T. L. Khoo
2013 Physical Review C  
The cross section for forming a heavy evaporation residue in fusion reactions depends on the capture cross section, the fusion probability, P CN , i.e., the probability that the projectile-target system will evolve inside the fission saddle point to form a completely fused system rather than reseparating (quasifission), and the survival of the completely fused system against fission. P CN is the least known of these quantities. Purpose: We want to determine P CN for the reactions of 101.2 MeV
more » ... ions of 101.2 MeV 18 O, 147.3 MeV 26 Mg, 170.9 MeV 30 Si, and 195.3 MeV 36 S with 197 Au. Methods: We measured the fission fragment angular distributions for these reactions and used the formalism of Back to deduce the fusion-fission and quasifission cross sections. From these quantities we deduced P CN for each reaction. .00, 0.06, and 0.13, respectively. Conclusions: The new measured values of P CN agree roughly with the semiempirical systematic dependence of P CN upon fissility for excited nuclei.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.88.014606 fatcat:cz7qinukjbcnvaasum4ulhhehq