Reviewer Comments to the authors [post]

Willem Vervoort
2020 unpublished
This is an interesting paper which shows a theoretical mathematical development of a "weighting function" that can be used to describe and model the hysteresis as a result of soil hydraulic conductivity degradation and rehabilitation. The mathematical development is interesting and quite elegant, but the paper grossly overstates its significance when it comes to deriving the functions from real data. I believe that the paper requires a major review and needs to be stripped of most of the
more » ... s claims about how this model can be used to model processes in real irrigation fields. The point I am raising is that the experimental data that is suggested to study the hysteresis C1
doi:10.5194/hess-2020-455-rc1 fatcat:h5j3z5nr5bg4dff2u3zcuai5ym