3. Change in salivary secretion of STR/N mice with age
3. 歯周疾患モデルとしての遺伝性多飲マウスの加齢による唾液分泌量の変化(第 59 回九州歯科学会総会講演抄録)

Akiko Hamada, Kiyotoshi Inenaga, Kayoko Ito, Eiko Honda, Shuichi Nakamura, Masamichi Terashita
1999 The Journal of the Kyushu Dental Society  
The aim of this study was to examine an influence of the m 且 sseter − medial pterygoid muscle sling disection to the lesser segment and the mandibular condyle follQwing the mandibu 且 ar ramal lengthening with vertical ramus osteotomy ( VRO ) . Twenty − two adult Japanese monkeys were divided into three experimental groups , intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy ( IVRO ) group , ramal e 亘 ongation with no intervention to the muscle sling , extraoral vertical ramus Qsteotomy ( EVRO ) group , ramal
more » ... ongation with the muscle sling disection and sham operation group , IVRO or EVRO without ramal elongation . During the ramal elongatiQn with VRO , the mandibular condyle had been overloaded . Disection of the muscle sling doesn ' t have much influence in the histopatho1Qgical changes of . the mandibular condyle .
doi:10.2504/kds.53.722 fatcat:kldsujdxvje45jaikfbx3vyn2i