Plasmid vector based generation of transgenic mesenchymal stem cells with stable expression of reporter gene in caprine

Manish Kumar, Renu Singh, Kuldeep Kumar, Pranjali Agarwal, Puspendra Saswat Mahapatra, Abhisek Kumar Saxena, Ajay Kumar, Subrata Kumar Bhanja, Dhruba Malakar, Rajendra Singh, Bikas C. Das, Sadhan Bag
2013 Stem Cell Discovery  
The production of cells capable of expressing gene(s) of interest is important for a variety of applications in biomedicine and biotechnology, including gene therapy and a novel method of stem cell therapy in the various diseases. Achieving high levels of transgene expression for the longer period of time, without adversely affecting cell viability and differentiation capacity of the cells, is crucial. In the present study, we investigated the efficiency of plasmid vector for the production of
more » ... ransgenic cMSCs and examined any functional change of cells after transfection. To do so first we have collected bone marrows from the adult goats and cultured them for isolation of mesenchymal stem cells (cBM-MSCs). These cells were characterized using MSC specific markers including differentiation into osteocytes and adipocytes. Transfection with plasmid vector did not adversely affect cBM-MSCs morphology, viability or differentiation potential, and transgene expression levels were unaffected beyond passage 12th. The results indicated that we have been able to generate transgenic caprine MSC (tcBM-MSC) and transfection of cBM-MSCs using plasmid vector resulted in very high and stable transfection efficiency. This finding may have considerable significance in improving the efficacy of MSCbased therapies and their tracking in animal model.
doi:10.4236/scd.2013.34028 fatcat:ad775yah7vckvndfriv7jdvk5u