The Effect of Doping on the Electrophysical Properties of Polycrystalline Diamond Films Deposited from an Abnormal Glow Discharge

A V Kabyshev, F V Konusov, S A Linnik, G E Remnev
2015 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The paper is focused on the study of the boron doping effect on the electrical characteristics, on the mechanism of charge carrier transfer, and on the energy spectrum of the localized defect states in the polycrystalline diamond films (PDF) deposited from an abnormal glow discharge. PDF doping enables to form the semiconductor layers of p-type conductivity, which have as good properties as those of PDF produced by the alternative methods. The doping reduces the degree of disorder in the film
more » ... terial brought by the growth defects, which determine the film electrical characteristics and electrotransfer mechanism. The PDF electrical characteristics and electrotransfer mechanism are determined by the defects of different nature, whose band gap energy levels have a continuous energy distribution. A p-type activation component is realized in the exchange of charge carriers between the valence band and shallow acceptor levels with the activation energy of 0.013-0.022 eV. Doping increases the effect of the hopping mechanism of the conductivity involving the localized states with a density of (1-6)•10 20 eV -1 •cm -3 distributed near the Fermi level, which is in the low half of the band gap.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/652/1/012030 fatcat:5bnlpu2jmfarhpo2kbnevmayf4