Multi-vehicle detection with identity awareness using cascade Adaboost and Adaptive Kalman filter for driver assistant system

Baofeng Wang, Zhiquan Qi, Sizhong Chen, Zhaodu Liu, Guocheng Ma, Xiaosong Hu
2017 PLoS ONE  
Vision-based vehicle detection is an important issue for advanced driver assistance systems. In this paper, we presented an improved multi-vehicle detection and tracking method using cascade Adaboost and Adaptive Kalman filter(AKF) with target identity awareness. A cascade Adaboost classifier using Haar-like features was built for vehicle detection, followed by a more comprehensive verification process which could refine the vehicle hypothesis in terms of both location and dimension. In vehicle
more » ... tracking, each vehicle was tracked with independent identity by an Adaptive Kalman filter in collaboration with a data association approach. The AKF adaptively adjusted the measurement and process noise covariance through on-line stochastic modelling to compensate the dynamics changes. The data association correctly assigned different detections with tracks using global nearest neighbour(GNN) algorithm while considering the local validation. During tracking, a temporal context based track management was proposed to decide whether to initiate, maintain or terminate the tracks of different objects, thus suppressing the sparse false alarms and compensating the temporary detection failures. Finally, the proposed method was tested on various challenging real roads, and the experimental results showed that the vehicle detection performance was greatly improved with higher accuracy and robustness.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0173424 pmid:28296902 pmcid:PMC5351863 fatcat:wt6olqtd6jbfxc5figilojbb5m