Data Direct From The Ocean Bottom To The Laboratory

R.L. Koehler, A.J. Williams
OCEANS 92 Proceedings@m_Mastering the Oceans Through Technology  
Data was transmitted in near real time from the ocean bottom to a scientist's desk, and commands were sent back to the ocean bottom. The communication system used a 1185 bits/s acoustic modem to send the data to a nearby surface buoy. VHF packet radio relayed the data at 1200 bit& to a shore station where it was stored. The stored data was transferred by telephone modem to the scientist's desk. Commands were sent back to the bottom by a slower reverse channel. The system worked for three weeks
more » ... ed for three weeks until the bu'oy mooring was damaged. The difficult parts of the system, the acoustic modem and the packet radio, worked on real data. Some improvements have been made in the acoustic modem, some improvements are necessary to make the data more readable and to correct the mooring fault, and other refinements are desirable. 0-7803-0838-7/92 $3.00 1992 IEEE
doi:10.1109/oceans.1992.607668 fatcat:bosyb2gvlrfgjhwwtizqlwixcu