Research and Design of Online Education Platform Based on Named Data Network

Linglin Li, Dening Jiang, Di Miao, Kaixin Li
2018 Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Advanced Research and Technology in Industry (WARTIA 2018)   unpublished
This paper proposes a new method for data transmission using the Named Data Network (NDN) architecture, and introduces the new NDN network into online education innovatively. Based on the information center network (ICN), the special advantages of the NDN network are utilized to improve the real-time transmission of the online education network. This paper first builds an Ubuntu-based system platform, simulates network data transmission behavior using Mini-NDN simulation experiments, and uses
more » ... ta analysis methods to analyze the network delay of real-time transmission of online education courses. We theoretically analyze the transmission characteristics of the NDN architecture and experimentally verify the superiority of its network transmission. Data analysis and experimental results show that the adoption of NDN network in online education has the advantages of small delay and high real-time performance. Introduction At present, the construction and research of online education platform is mainly based on the development and application of APP and PC, and has achieved phased results. The online education model continuously promotes the perfect combination of Internet technology and education, enhances the technical level of the education platform, and realizes the optimal sharing of educational resources. So far, whether it is based on APP or PC-based online education, all data transmission is single-wave transmission, and it is easy to generate blocking waves during transmission, which affects the timeliness and real-time of data transmission. Finding a new network transmission method and network protocol has become an urgent problem in the field of online education technology. In response to the above problems, research scholars have proposed a content-centric future network[2-3]. The NDN (Named Data Networking) [4] network architecture adopted in this paper is based on a content-centric future network and redesigned the network concept. NDN abandons the transmission mechanism of traditional networks and establishes a new network model to fundamentally solve the above problems, and has higher adaptability and better performance. Online education forwarding process based on NDN The architecture of NDN. NDN has good compatibility, and it can be compatible with the current IP network architecture, and on this basis, the current network system is optimized. It retains the advantages of the current TCP/IP network architecture, retains the slim waist architecture [5] , and in order to facilitate the naming of data objects, the IP address of the data node is no longer used as the transmission basis. However, this thin waist structure is different from the thin waist structure of the IP architecture, in which the IP address is replaced by a content block in the thin waist portion. In the communication process of the NDN network, each transmission content has its own unique name. The name becomes the only feature of data request, recovery and forwarding, which enables reliable and transparent distribution of content and improves resource utilization in the network [6] . And redesigned the routing protocol, set up new interest packages and data packets, and finally reset the 4th
doi:10.2991/wartia-18.2018.1 fatcat:xgfaxdcwnnczzd6s5yjop5gluq