Assisting Engineering Students in Acquiring Academic Literacy Skills

Mary Hatakka
2016 Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal  
Academic literacy skills are essential skills for students in higher education and can bedefined as writing strategies, library research strategies and general study skills [1] . However, courses providing this kind of knowledge are often not well received by engineering students or engineering faculty [2] . Successful attempts have been made to introduce academic literacy skills into various disciplines [1, 3, 4] , but despitethe positive reception of piloted courses, the subsequent
more » ... of such experimental models is not common. In the current study it is suggested that this stems from the basic differences between the epistemologies of humanities and engineering. While Humanities matters can be seen as strongly contextual,science is related to theory and facts [5] as well as to entities and substructures. In order to promote the teaching of academic literacy skills in engineering colleges, it is therefore suggested that an instructional model following the epistemology of engineering should be adopted.
doi:10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2016.0293 fatcat:i754z5yrmfgb7kj3c2tum575fq