Highly relativistic spinning particle in the Schwarzschild field: Circular and other orbits

Roman Plyatsko, Mykola Fenyk
2012 Physical Review D  
The Mathisson-Papapetrou equations in the Schwarzschild background both at Mathisson-Pirani and Tulczyjew-Dixon supplementary condition are considered. The region of existence of highly relativistic circular orbits of a spinning particle in this background and dependence of the particle's orbital velocity on its spin and radial coordinate are investigated. It is shown that in contrast to the highly relativistic circular orbits of a spinless particle, which exist only for r=1.5 r_g(1+δ), 0<δ≪ 1,
more » ... the corresponding orbits of a spinning particle are allowed in a wider space region, and the dimension of this region significantly depends on the supplementary condition. At the Mathisson-Pirani condition new numerical results which describe some typical cases of non-circular highly relativistic orbits of a spinning particle starting from r>1.5 r_g are presented.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.85.104023 fatcat:32vh2jrqbnhaxbntfuxr2vke34