Uniaxial pressure-induced half-metallic ferromagnetic phase transition inLaMnO3

Pablo Rivero, Vincent Meunier, William Shelton
2016 Physical review B  
We use first-principles theory to predict that the application of uniaxial compressive strain leads to a transition from an antiferromagnetic insulator to a ferromagnetic half-metal phase in LaMnO_3. We identify the Q2 Jahn-Teller mode as the primary mechanism that drives the transition, indicating that this mode can be used to tune the lattice, charge, and spin coupling. Applying ≃ 6 GPa of uniaxial pressure along the [010] direction activates the transition to a half-metallic pseudo-cubic
more » ... e. The half-metallicity opens the possibility of producing colossal magnetoresistance in the stoichiometric LaMnO_3 compound at significantly lower pressure compared to recently observed investigations using hydrostatic pressure.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.93.094409 fatcat:7ghklkcxijcdnaot7wmy6svmye