View updates in a semantic data modelling paradigm

M. Johnson, R. Rosebrugh, C.N.G. Dampney
Proceedings 12th Australasian Database Conference. ADC 2001  
The Sketch Data Model (SkDM) is a new semantic modelling paradigm based on category theory (specifically on categorical universal algebra), which has been used successfully in several consultancies with major Australian companies. This paper describes the sketch data model and investigates the view update problem (VUP) in the sketch data model paradigm. It proposes an approach to the VUP in the SkDM, and presents a range of examples to illustrate the scope of the proposed technique. In common
more » ... th previously proposed approaches, we define under what circumstances a view update can be propagated to the underlying database. Unlike many previously proposed approaches the definition is succinct and consistent, with no ad hoc exceptions, and the propagatable updates form a broad class. We argue that we avoid ad hoc exceptions by basing the definition of propagatable on the state of the underlying database. The examples demonstrate that under a range of circumstances a view schema can be shown to have propagatable views in all states, and thus state-independence can frequently be recovered.
doi:10.1109/adc.2001.904461 dblp:conf/adc/JohnsonRD01 fatcat:zo34gkofxnckzgyk6mx66mala4