Departments of Mechanical engineering and General Technical Sciences, at Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin

Dragiša Tolmač, Slawomir Kurpaska, Miroslav Lambić, Uroš Karadžić, Valentina Balas, Aurel Vlaicu, Mirko Soković, Zlatko Lacković, Macedonia, Bojan Podgornik
The theme of scientific conference «IIZS 2014», covers the fields of industrial engineering, which are defined in the program of the conference, such as: Process technology, Engineering, Environmental protection, Health and safety, Manufacturing technology and materials, Machinery maintenance, Design and maintenance of process plants, Oil and gas industry, Basic operations, Machines and processes, Information technology and engineering education, Biotechnology, Reengineering and project
more » ... nt. The main goals of the conference can be indentified here: innovation and expansion of knowledge engineers in industry and environmental protection; support to researchers in presenting the actual results of research projects, establishing new contacts with leading national and international institutions and universities; popularization of the faculty and its leading role in our society and the immediate environment, in order to attract quality young population for studing at our faculty, cooperation with other organizations, public companies and industry; initiative for collecting ideas in solving specific practical problems; interconnection and business contacts; introducing professional and business organizations with results of scientific and technical research; presentation of scientific knowledge and exchange of experiences in the field of industrial engineering. We express gratitude to:  The partners of the conference-University of agriculture, Faculty of agricultural engineering,