О. Andrіeіeva
2013 Economics of Development  
The features of the use and management of the land resources and community real estate are analyzed as the basis for providing functions of local self-government and basic source of the local budgets. The problems of land resources and real estate management which complicate the calculation and receiving the payment for the use of communal property and lead to the losses of local budgets are educed.The purpose of the article is to increase the effectiveness of land resources and real estate use
more » ... and to raise the profitable part of local budgets.Methods and management features of the city communal property were defined through possession, use and disposition. Reasonable alternative variants of the use of real estate and community property are: the use of a city for public needs, sale (to citizens and legal entities), a lease to the citizens and legal entities.The scientific novelty of this research is the development of recommendations in relation to the increase of effective use of the communal land resources and city real estate on the basis of economic and financial, administrative and legal, organizational and informative measures. The necessity of corresponding pre-conditions is well-proven by means of realization of investment and budgetary potential of land market and real estate, providing its transparency, legal providing of the legal functioning and civilized adjusting. Realization of the mentioned measures will allow to get an economic effect both due to the further privatization of the real estate and land of communal pattern of ownership and due to the increase of revenue from rent, providing the control and timeliness of revenue from the use of communal property.Further researches must be aimed at developing the effective and reasonable control system by the resource base of local self-government in Ukraine, which will assist the increase of management efficiency, economic raising and sustainable development of the territory, attracting investments for the development of settlements, increasing budget [...]
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