STUDIES ON SULFHYDRYL GROUPS DURING CELL DIVISION OF SEA URCHIN EGG: III. SH Groups of KCl-Soluble Proteins and Their Change during Cleavage

H. Sakai
1960 Journal of Cell Biology  
Sea urchin egg proteins extracted with KC1 are mostly TCA-soluble and, conversely, those extracted with TCA are KCl-soluble. Both groups are water-insoluble and show fluctuations in --SH content during the division cycle. The fluctuation of the --SH groups of the KC1soluble protein of the whole egg is due to a --SH ~ --S--S--interchange within the freely reacting groups and not within the sluggish and masked --SH groups of the protein. The --SH content of the KCl-soluble protein of the egg cortex also fluctuates in a similar way.
doi:10.1083/jcb.8.3.609 fatcat:o44rdbnt2zaf3ayvahufd4hqwi