Forms of cooperation of government, business and science to create innovative sectors of economy (regional aspect)

Nikitenko Sergey Mihailovich, Elena Anatolievna Pakhomova, Elena Vladimirovna Goosen, Olga Vladimirovna Rozhkova
2017 Proceedings of the International Conference on Trends of Technologies and Innovations in Economic and Social Studies 2017   unpublished
The article is devoted to the existing forms of government, business and science cooperation in innovation economy sectors at the regional level and to the possibilities of applying the concept of "triple helix" and its multi-helix modifications. Russia needs a correction of economic imbalances, improving the institutional environment and reforming the system of regional development management. The article reveals the most perspective forms of interaction of government and business: agreements
more » ... n public-private partnership, concession agreements, special investment contracts. The key issues of embedding science in these chains are specified and the solutions to these problems are proposed. Changes in Russia will require overcoming the existing gaps in three dimensions: firstly, at the level of education and science where an innovative generation (people with imagination) should be formed. Secondly, at the enterprise level, where changes will require building the relations between fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research on the one hand and introduction of the developments into production on the other hand, contributing to the achievement of a balance between international innovation and tradition. Finally, at the level of the society consumer confidence and domestic demand should be developed, stimulating new developments and implementations. The article was prepared with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project No. 16-06-00054 "The Instrumental and Methodological Approach to Adapting the Triple-Helix Model to the Russian Conditions in Line with Historical Retrospects").
doi:10.2991/ttiess-17.2017.77 fatcat:u3slhjvmofdh7b5hwgqbih4uku