Visualizing fashion buzz [thesis]

Xinhe Yu
of that style in social media and history; the second one illustrates the news stories behind five fashion styles by using interactive website page to show the line graphs, shows what is the reason behind trends; and the last one is about spreading of the fashion buzz in both the U.S. and Japan, and these are two interactions of animated maps display the significant changes of fashion buzz in social media. The results of this thesis are: fashion leaders, such as celebrities are the reason
more » ... fashion trends and social media; fashion leaders and social media help trends spread into public quickly. This thesis examines fashion history and analyzes recent social media to identify fashion trends. It locates a few new rising fashion styles and proposes a method to do more studies on what influences fashion styles and how that could be useful the fashion industry. Studies of fashion terms used in Twitter buzz, and social network visualization of the results, can reveal fashion trends occurring in social media. The data is based on research into fashion trends and data collected from Twitter and Google. The point of this study is to find the roles of social media in fashion trends, the cultural influence behind all these trends, and to show transformation of the trends through Twitter buzz. The project for this thesis contains three parts: the first one shows history of one specific fashion style
doi:10.17760/d20258120 fatcat:oykfz3jldnbfjfvnfhpk7ttbza