Epigenetic profiling to environmental stressors in model and non-model organisms: Ecotoxicology perspective

Nivedita Chatterjee, Jiwan Gim, Jinhee Choi
2018 Environmental Health and Toxicology  
Epigenetics, potentially heritable changes in genome function that occur without alterations to DNA sequence, is an important but understudied component of ecotoxicology studies. A wide spectrum of environmental challenge, such as temperature, stress, diet, toxic chemicals, are known to impact on epigenetic regulatory mechanisms. Although the role of epigenetic factors in certain biological processes, such as tumourigenesis, has been heavily investigated, in ecotoxicology field, epigenetics
more » ... l have attracted little attention. In ecotoxicology, potential role of epigenetics in multi- and transgenerational phenomenon to environmental stressors needs to be unrevealed. Natural variation in the epigenetic profiles of species in responses to environmental stressors, nature of dose-response relationships for epigenetic effects, and how to incorporate this information into ecological risk assessment should also require attentions. In this review, we presented the available information on epigenetics in ecotoxicological context. For this, we have conducted a systemic review on epigenetic profiling in response to environmental stressors, mostly chemical exposure, in model organisms, as well as, in ecotoxicologically relevant wildlife species.
doi:10.5620/eht.e2018015 pmid:30286591 pmcid:PMC6182246 fatcat:sk6ee6rmpjcznjxceu2sbtmftq