An Examination of Sport Motivation, Motivational Climate, and Athlete Burnout within the Developmental Model of Sport Participation

William Russell
2021 Journal of Amateur Sport  
Young adults' retrospective recall of high school sport motivations, motivational climate, and burnout were compared based on whether they fit the "specializer" or "sampler" track within the Developmental Model of Sport Participation (DMSP, Côté & Fraser-Thomas, 2007). College students (N = 156) fitting these two DMSP tracks completed their recall of sport motivations (Sport Motivation Scale-II), motivational climate (Motivational Climate Scale for Youth Sports) and athlete burnout (Athlete
more » ... out Questionnaire). Separate one-way MANOVAs comparing samplers (n = 113) and specializers (n = 43) on these variables were not significant (p > .05). Multiple regression analyses showed amotivation and intrinsic regulation were significant positive and negative predictors (respectively) of burnout dimensions. Performance climate was predictive of exhaustion and sport devaluation, while mastery climate negatively predicted reduced sense of accomplishment. Although Self-Determination Theory was further supported in examining burnout, lack of differences across DMSP track suggests that samplers and specializers in non-elite, amateur youth sport settings do not differ in burnout.
doi:10.17161/jas.v7i1.14558 fatcat:jydd7t6o2bc2tls5eu2kq6smy4