D3.2.2: Presentation Kit for Schools and the General Public

Peter Stefan, Barbara Toth
2013 Zenodo  
This document describes the purpose, design, contents, and planning process of the PRACE Presentation Kit for Schools and the General Public. The Presentation Kit (deliverable D3.2.2) attempts to communicate an overview of the world of HPC to high school students, a target audience that to date has not been addressed by PRACE. The rationale for addressing the audience is the fact that science is advancing at a dizzying pace, with research being more and more dependent on faster and more
more » ... computational power. While perhaps exaggerating the point to a degree, the Kit communicates the message that HPC will be like today's PCs, and that any researcher, organization or country for that matter that does not embrace and understand the central role supercomputing plays in scientific research will surely lag behind. As HPC develops, it will no longer be the sole privilege of academia scientists, and as a society, we must expose our burgeoning scientists to the tool that is the cornerstone of tomorrow's discoveries. In order to effectively communicate this message, the 'Dare to Think the Impossible' educational campaign includes both a high-level overview of the outreach program and HPC for teachers and the general public. Use of the slogan 'Dare' is both challenging and arouses curiosity, and is a compelling invitation to students to explore and learn more on their own through channels they are familiar with, such as YouTube and Facebook. These in turn are designed to drive traffic to the "www.daretothinktheimpossible.com" portal and to the PRACE website. Care was taken to design the all the content in such a way to address the students, with bold images that allude to exciting discoveries and images of cutting-edge researchers on the forefront of scientific discovery. The content engages, challenges and invites students to join a journey, imagine, dream and learn more about what part they can play in future inventions and developments. The entertaining video clips and Facebook page are designed to [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6572379 fatcat:perx7flobfbudc66zotivqk7nq