Probable solutions to manage leisure time of school children

Shyam Prasad, Sedai Lecturer, M Phil, Correspondence Shyam, Prasad Sedai, M Phil, Shyam Sedai
2014 33 International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health   unpublished
Marking almost all areas of social life, leisure time is unavoidably of interest to many fields of science. It has existed in all historical epochs and will continue to exist as long as the human civilization exists. It is important in the life of every individual, especially for school children, for whom when free time is well managed it contributes to socialization, individualization and personality cultivation i.e. the realization of the basic processes of upbringing. With the development of
more » ... society the concept and the scope of free time has changed. In the past the battle for the increase of free time has been prominent, while now the main problem is to manage it well. This research has been conducted on a research sample of 100 students aged 18. Starting from the premise that free time is an important factor for the development of broad-minded and emancipated individuals the research problem was defined and reflected in the question: How do young people spend their free time and what is offered? Results show that school children have plenty of free time in which self-managed passive activities are the most common. As the schools and relevant institutions do not have adequate programs, school children wish for improved opportunities quality free time. The statistical evaluation of the acquired results was done using the statistic packet (SPSS for Windows).