Effect of Urbanization on Climate Change in Nanjing

Qiying Xiang, Wenzheng Yu, Chen Tianliang, Shao Li, Jin Wang
2013 Advances in Multimedia, Communication and Networking   unpublished
This paper chose urbanization and climate change of Nanjing city as the research object, by using trend analysis, correlation analysis, multivariate linear regression analysis and other methods, using the climate data and social statistical data of 1951~2011 observation stations in Nanjing City, analyzing the trend of city climate change and the correlation between different parameters and main climate factors. Results show that, the warming trend in Nanjing is very weak, the mainly temperature
more » ... mainly temperature change is a rising temperature in winter, while it was not obvious in summer, reduce the heat wave phenomenon, the average year temperature has increased slightly; over the years precipitation showed increasing trend, the sunlight hours was decreasing, in addition to the city dark island effect. Through the analysis of the relationships between urbanization and climatic factors found that close relations between urbanization and annual mean temperature, and its impact is significant, and the impact of extreme minimum temperature is not very obvious, but the but the influence of extreme maximum temperature is obvious. In addition, in the analysis of Nanjing found that years of reform and opening up has become theories of demarcation point climate change trends and impacts of urbanization on climate change, before and after the cut-off point on climate change and the effects of urbanization on climate change have has the remarkable differences, the reason and mechanism still need further analysis and discussion.
doi:10.14257/astl.2013.31.55 fatcat:nzt3rukxnfapze3d3l4obcmwjq