Fukaya categories of plumbings and multiplicative preprojective algebras

Tolga Etgü, Yankı Lekili
2019 Quantum Topology  
Given an arbitrary graph Γ and non-negative integers g v for each vertex v of Γ, let X Γ be the Weinstein 4-manifold obtained by plumbing copies of T * Σ v according to this graph, where Σ v is a surface of genus g v . We compute the wrapped Fukaya category of X Γ (with bulk parameters) using Legendrian surgery extending our previous work [14] where it was assumed that g v = 0 for all v and Γ was a tree. The resulting algebra is recognized as the (derived) multiplicative preprojective algebra
more » ... nd its higher genus version) defined by Crawley-Boevey and Shaw [8] . Along the way, we find a smaller model for the internal DG-algebra of Ekholm-Ng [12] associated to 1-handles in the Legendrian surgery presentation of Weinstein 4-manifolds which might be of independent interest.
doi:10.4171/qt/131 fatcat:57xywetzebb5lixhla7onimloa