Establishing Effective Screening Methodology for Novel Herbicide Substances from Metagenome
신규 제초활성 물질 발굴을 위한 메타게놈 스크리닝 방법 연구

Boyoung Lee, Ji Eun Choi, Young Sook Kim, Jae Kwang Song, Young Kwan Ko, Jung Sup Choi
2015 Weed & Turfgrass Science  
Metagenomics is a powerful tool to isolate novel biocatalyst and biomolecules directly from the environmental DNA libraries. Since the metagenomics approach bypasses cultivation of microorganisms, un-cultured microorganisms that are majority of exists can be the richest reservoir for natural products discovery. To discover novel herbicidal substances from soil metagenome, we established three easy, simple and effective high throughput screening methods such as cucumber cotyledon leaf disc
more » ... microalgae assay and seed germination assay. Employing the methods, we isolated two active single clones (9-G1 and 9-G12) expressing herbicidal activity which whitened leaf discs, inhibited growth of microalgae and inhibited root growth of germinated Arabidopsis seeds. Spraying butanol fraction of the isolated active clones' culture broth led to growth retardation or desiccation of Digitalia sanguinalis (L) Scop. in vivo. These results represent that the screening methods established in this study are useful to screen herbicidal substances from metagenome libraries. Further identifying molecular structure of the herbicidal active substances and analyzing gene clusters encoding synthesis systems for the active substances are in progress.
doi:10.5660/wts.2015.4.2.118 fatcat:rgho4qwzkrf5pcahg7apuomm2u