Shifting the Music Education Paradigm: What is Learned through Student/Teacher/Composer Collaborative Music Composition

Tessandra Wendzich, Bernard W. Andrews
Making Music: Composing with Young Musicians is a multi-year, multi-site research project partnered with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and the Canadian Music Centre to commission composers to collaborate with teachers and students (age 11 to 18) to write a piece of music. This article outlines findings on the analysis and interpretation of teacher questionnaires through a pragmatic lens to answer the following question: What do students and teachers learn musically and pedagogically
more » ... from collaboration with professional composers? This new pedagogical approach of composer/teacher/student collaboration represents a possible paradigm shift-from a traditional teacher-directed approach to one that is creative and interpersonal. The approach is quite beneficial as it highlights the extent to which learning the musical compositional process can be engaging and enjoyable. It also encourages teachers to learn new pedagogical strategies while valuing the creative compositional process. The findings will be of potential interest to music teachers, post-secondary music educators, composers, and music publishers, as the data will help them write/teach/disseminate educational music.
doi:10.26209/ijea22n4 fatcat:qahtlzd5w5eypp7csip6433gca