Diagnostics for assessing the linear noise and moment closure approximations

Colin S. Gillespie, Andrew Golightly
2016 Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology  
AbstractSolving the chemical master equation exactly is typically not possible, so instead we must rely on simulation based methods. Unfortunately, drawing exact realisations, results in simulating every reaction that occurs. This will preclude the use of exact simulators for models of any realistic size and so approximate algorithms become important. In this paper we describe a general framework for assessing the accuracy of the linear noise and two moment approximations. By constructing an
more » ... icient space filling design over the parameter region of interest, we present a number of useful diagnostic tools that aids modellers in assessing whether the approximation is suitable. In particular, we leverage the normality assumption of the linear noise and moment closure approximations.
doi:10.1515/sagmb-2014-0071 pmid:27682714 fatcat:7e2bl7marrb77jhe4z2u7dbxxa