Effect of Amaranth Flour on Some Properties of Wheat Dough and Bread

Naofumi Morita, Woo-Won Kang, Zenichiro Hamauzu, Yoshimi Sugimoto
1999 Journal of Applied Glycoscience  
Japan) The effect of amaranth flour substitution on some rheological properties of wheat flour dough and bread was studied by using a home baker. At 5% amaranth flour substitution , the loaf volume was significantly larger than the control; thereafter it decreased distinctly as the amount of amaranth flour substitution increased. The addition of more than 1250 U hemicellulase per kg of flour to the 10% amaranth flour-substituted wheat flour increased the loaf volume significantly . Farinograph
more » ... ata showed that the stability time of the wheat flour dough decreased with 10% amaranth flour substitution . Based on the viscoelastic parameters, such as compression stress, modulus of elasticity , and viscosity coefficients, the 10% amaranth flour-substituted wheat flour Boughs were distinctly harder than the control dough. Scanning electron microscopic observations showed that the gluten of the amaranth flour-substituted wheat flour dough seemed to be slightly rigid . The addition of calcium stearoyl-2lactylate (CSL) and/or hemicellulase to the 10% amaranth flour-substituted wheat flour clearly increased volume of the bread loaf.
doi:10.5458/jag.46.23 fatcat:7eofxjqaxrgmhmt2x7bsgkh2fi