Dufour and Soret Effect on Viscous Fluid Flow between Squeezing Plates under the Influence of Variable Magnetic Field

Muhammad Kamran Alam, Khadija Bibi, Aamir Khan, Samad Noeiaghdam
2021 Mathematics  
The aim of this article is to investigate the effect of mass and heat transfer on unsteady squeeze flow of viscous fluid under the influence of variable magnetic field. The flow is observed in a rotating channel. The unsteady equations of mass and momentum conservation are coupled with the variable magnetic field and energy equations. By using some appropriate similarity transformations, the partial differential equations obtained are then converted into a system of ordinary differential
more » ... ns and are solved by Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM). The influence of the natural parameters are investigated for the velocity field components, magnetic field components, heat and mass transfer. A direct effect of the squeeze Reynold number is observed on both concentration and temperature. Moreover, increasing the magnetic Reynold number shows an increase in the fluid temperature, but in the case of concentration, an inverse relation is observed. Furthermore, a decreasing effect of the Dufour number is observed on both concentration and temperature distribution. Besides, in case of the Soret number, a direct effect is observed on concentration, but an inverse effect can be seen on temperature distribution. Different effects are shown through graphs in this study and an error analysis is also presented through tables and graphs.
doi:10.3390/math9192404 fatcat:juqdhzoihrbfxkf53pqkqj5434