Language teaching in blended contexts

Junhong Xiao
2012 Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching  
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The reader will discover how regional environments and interests have been tackled by geologists in endeavours as diverse as mining, quarrying, architecture, literature and the visual arts. This is a book which puts a modern interpretation of the geological history of Britain into its historic, social and artistic contexts. This thoroughly revised and updated edition reflects modern research and is now illustrated in colour throughout. It presents the volcanoes of Europe, as they are today and tells how they have shaped our past. The volcanic systems of the Mediterranean basin, the Atlantic, and of mainland Europe are introduced and described in clear prose with a minimum of technical jargon. Evolutionary biologists have long been concerned by the incompleteness of the fossil record. Although our knowledge of the diversity of life in 'deep time' has improved, many lineages of extant animals and plants still have only sparse fossil documentation. Even groups with 'hard parts' that render them suitable for fossilization often only have a limited record. Thus, although the fossil record is viewed as critical to the reconstruction of the evolutionary history of life, many biologists question its utility. Fortunately discoveries of occurrences of exceptionally preserved fossils, known as conservation Lagerstätten (Konservat-Lagerstätten), shed much light on the past diversity of life. This volume reviews selected conservation Lagerstätten for terrestrial animals and plants throughout the Phanerozoic worldwide and includes sites in Asia, Europe and North and South America. Protecting Children and Young People series What are the child protection concerns for deaf and disabled children and young people? What are their views about the child protection system? How can we measure if we have made a difference in ending violence against children? These questions and others are at the forefront of policy, practice and research debates internationally. This book explores the ethical, methodological, and practical challenges in conducting child protection research with deaf and disabled children and young people. This edited volume draws upon examples of research and translating research to policy and practice from international leaders in both child protection and disability fields. Housing been described as the "wobbly pillar" of the welfare state on account of it never achieving universal coverage as did health and education. This does not diminish its importance for individuals, households, communities and social stability. Adequate and affordable housing provision is one of the key elements of a functioning democracy. Often characterised as the routine undertaking of simple tasks, housing management never established itself as a key profession in the public sector during the twentieth century. The author challenges that characterisation of housing management by arguing that, from its inception, 'housing management' involves complex tasks. The author seeks to counterbalance the prevailing medicalised approach to statutory support for transgender people which tends to focus on the physical processes of transition rather than on subsequent social role adjustment. The book explores the potential for improved social support to transgender people and also to partners, children and other family members. It concludes by proposing a combination of advocacy and social care support to further the legal and social status of transgender people. Coal-mining provided a crucial driver to industrial development in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland, from medieval times until the late twentieth century. In the early days of the industry, the coals were recovered on the shoreline or from valley slopes, where their excavation was relatively simple. As the easily accessible seams were exhausted it became necessary to dig deeper and thus a need for a detailed understanding of the rocks beneath the surface became essential. John McManus surveys the geology and social history of the mines in the East Neuk and of the people who explored, owned and laboured in the area. Coal-mining in the East Neuk was an industry which began many centuries ago, flourished all too briefly and ultimately declined. 978-1-78046-072-7 HB c.256pp col. illus. £24.
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