Modelling and verifying web service orchestration by means of the concurrency workbench

Mariya Koshkina, Franck van Breugel
2004 Software engineering notes  
Verification techniques like model checking, preorder checking and equivalence checking are shown to be relevant to web service orchestration. The Concurrency Workbench of the New Century (CWB) is a verification tool that supports these verification techniques. By means of the Process Algebra Compiler (PAC), the CWB is modified to support the BPE-calculus. The BPE-calculus is a small language, based on BPEL4WS, to express web service orchestration. Both the syntax and the semantics of the
more » ... lculus are formally defined. These are subsequently used as input for the PAC. As output, the PAC produces modules that are incorporated into the CWB so that it supports the BPE-calculus and, hence, provides a verification tool for web service orchestration.
doi:10.1145/1022494.1022526 fatcat:nycz2wm5jjgavhfedaub7wqf7q