The "Reactor STM": A scanning tunneling microscope for investigation of catalytic surfaces at semi-industrial reaction conditions

P. B. Rasmussen, B. L. M. Hendriksen, H. Zeijlemaker, H. G. Ficke, J. W. M. Frenken
1998 Review of Scientific Instruments  
An instrument is introduced that combines a scanning tunneling microscope ͑STM͒ and a small volume ͑300 l͒ flow reactor, for the in situ study of catalytic surfaces at semi-industrial conditions. The tip is led through a gold membrane separating the reactor from the rest of the STM. We show ͑1͒ that the scanning through the membrane is possible with no noticeable effect of the membrane; ͑2͒ that it is possible to image surfaces in a gas flow of 10 ml/min, and that the imaging is unaffected by
more » ... derate changes in the flow conditions during the scanning; and ͑3͒ that imaging of atomic steps is possible on a Co͑0001͒ surface in a reactive environment at room temperature and at elevated temperatures. Furthermore, it is observed, that the step mobility on Co͑0001͒ is strongly enhanced in the presence of H 2 .
doi:10.1063/1.1149193 fatcat:76spsn7ytrawdfb3mhpyl7b2oi