Evaluation des Therapieeffektes und dessen Nachhaltigkeit bei Patienten mit Anorexia und Bulimia nervosa nach stationärer Therapie in den Heiligenfeld Kliniken

Ramona Heidi Hofmann
We report on the therapeutic success of an eating disorder therapy in the Heiligenfeld Kliniken Bad Kissingen. A total of 96 patients who suffering from AN, AAN or BN were included. Catamnestic data were collected from 34 patients. During inpatient therapy over a mean stay of 56,4 days there was a significant increase in body mass index (15,9 kg/m² to 16,3 kg/m²) with a further stabilization in follow-up of 2,8 years (body mass index 17,7 kg/m²). At follow up over 70% have succeeded in gaining
more » ... cceeded in gaining weight since admission. According to the criteria of Morgan & Russel 21% showed "good" , 53% "intermediate" and 26% "poor" outcome. In addition to being carried done on a physical level, positive results on the cognitive and psychosocial level could also be achieved. There was a significantly higher satisfaction with the current health in the group with body mass index > 17,5 kg/m². It can therefore be presumed that the therapy has succeeded in making conscious the negative consequences of starvation. A regressive disease symptoms was also to be deduced form the higher dissatisfaction with the weight in group body with mass index < 17,5 kg/m². Another intention was to have the former patients evaluate the therapy. The majority of patients were satisfied with the outcome of their therapy and would recommend Heiligenfeld for eating disorder therapy. Overall, the results show that the treatment concept of Heiligenfeld records good results in the eating disorder therapy and should continue in this form in the future.
doi:10.5283/epub.40779 fatcat:vpy4enw3pfby7h57u5q32wjqzq