Shaping Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High-Carbon Bainitic Steel in Hot-Rolling and Long-Term Low-Temperature Annealing

Tomasz Dembiczak, Marcin Knapiński
2021 Materials  
Based on the research results, coefficients in constitutive equations, describing the kinetics of dynamic, meta-dynamic, and static recrystallization in high-carbon bainitic steel during hot deformation were determined. The developed mathematical model takes into account the dependence of the changing kinetics in the structural size of the preliminary austenite grains, the value of strain, strain rate, temperature, and time. Physical simulations were carried out on rectangular specimens.
more » ... sion tests with a flat state of deformation were carried out using a Gleeble 3800. Based on dilatometric studies, coefficients were determined in constitutive equations, describing the grain growth of the austenite of high-carbon bainite steel under isothermal annealing conditions. The aim of the research was to verify the developed mathematical models in semi-industrial conditions during the hot-rolling process of high-carbon bainite steel. Analysis of the semi-industrial studies of the hot-rolling and long-term annealing process confirmed the correctness of the predicted mathematical models describing the microstructure evolution.
doi:10.3390/ma14020384 pmid:33466850 fatcat:bbb3ansnazhmlmf6xt6au3beju