Gauge-invariant magnetic perturbations in perfect-fluid cosmologies

Christos G Tsagas, John D Barrow
1998 Classical and quantum gravity  
We develop further our extension of the Ellis-Bruni covariant and gauge-invariant formalism to the general relativistic treatment of density perturbations in the presence of cosmological magnetic fields. We present detailed analysis of the kinematical and dynamical behaviour of perturbed magnetized FRW cosmologies containing fluid with non-zero pressure. We study the magnetohydrodynamical effects on the growth of density irregularities during the radiation era. Solutions are found for the
more » ... found for the evolution of density inhomogeneities on small and large scales in the presence of pressure, and some new physical effects are identified.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/15/11/016 fatcat:pkqr2njhbrel3aqletlkmojgrm