Penile fracture: presentation and management

Haq Nawaz, Masha Khan, Faiz Muhammed Tareen, Saadat Khan
2010 Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons  
To evaluate the clinical presentation, therapeutic options and outcome of the treatment of penile fracture. Case series. The Department of Urology and Transplantation, Civil Hospital Quetta, between March 1995 and March 2009. One hundered and thirty seven patients of penile fracture were admitted. Detailed history was taken. Physical examination was done in order to get the extent of penile hematoma, sign of blood at the meatus and side of curvature. Patients with rupture of the superficial and
more » ... the superficial and deep dorsal vein of the penis were excluded from the study. The operative plan consisted of immediate exploration, debridement and primary repair of the tear in tunica albuginea and urethra via a degloving inscision. Data analysis was performed to obtain descriptive statistics. The mean age was 25 years (ranging from 14-50 years). Causes of fractures were manipulation in 56 (40.87%) cases, sexual maneuver in 39 (28.46%) cases, rolling or fall on bed in 18 (13.13%) and direct blow on erect penis in 11 (8.02%) patients. Injury involved unilateral corpora cavernosa in 126 (89.78%) and bilateral corpora cavernosa plus urethra in 11 (8.02%) respectively. The interval from time of injury to presentation was 4 hours to 45 days. All the patients presented with the typical clinical picture of a characteristic sound at the time of injury, pain, detumescence, and hematoma. In all the patients the tunical and urethral injuries were promptly repaired. Complication occurred in 7 (5.10%) patients.The mean hospital stay was 2 days. Eighty nine (64.96%) patients available for follow-up reported achieving adequate erection for intercourse without erectile or voiding dysfunction. Common clinical presentation were snapping or popping sound, sudden penile pain, detumescence and penile deviation. The aim of surgical repair was to avoid complications and preserve both sexual and voiding functions which was satisfactorily achieved in the majority.
pmid:20642927 fatcat:gmjwxil2ujhbfp6cnubkxs3znq