A Few Personal Facts concerning Experiments on Animals Opposed to the False Fancies of the Persecutors of Vivisection

C. J. B. Williams
1876 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
JUly 2a, l5k6 pons and the pyramid, down to the lateral column of the spinal cd . Wben this condition has been fully developed, no kind of treatment is of any avail; and it appears, therefore, for this reason alone, that your therapeutical efforts should not be postponed a day longer than you can help it. Ergot, in the form of the liquid extract, for the cure of any miliary aneurisms which may be in the process of formation; phosphoru.s, for improving the nutrition and function of the injured
more » ... rve-cclls in the neighbourhoodl of the lesion; galvanisation and faradisation, for the stimulation of the paralysel parts, are our sheetanchors in the treatment of this condition ; and, if sagaciously usedl, will do infinitely more goo(l than the merely expectant plan of treatment, Which has hitherto been somewhat too much the fashion in these cases.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.812.104 fatcat:5oq7l7zjrjdgbesodv7ylmyyui