Relativistic Effects on Reflection X-ray Spectra of AGN [report]

Khee-Gan Lee, Steven V. Fuerst, Graziella Brandwardi-Raymond, Kinwah Wu, Oliver Crowley
2007 unpublished
We have calculated the reflection component of the X-ray spectra of active galactic nuclei (AGN) and shown that they can be significantly modified by the relativistic motion of the accretion flow and various gravitational effects of the central black hole. The absorption edges in the reflection spectra suffer severe energy shifts and smearing, The degree of distortion depends on the system parameters, and the dependence is stronger for some parameters such as the inner radius of the accretion
more » ... of the accretion disk and the disk viewing inclination angles. The relativistic effects are significant and are observable. Improper treatment of the reflection component of the X-ray continuum in spectral fittings will give rise to spurious line-like features, which will mimic the fluorescent emission lines and mask the relativistic signatures of the lines.
doi:10.2172/896924 fatcat:xgwxq5gq4ffv7kp2jvmc556yge