Refining of Vanadium Using Cold Crucible

Makoto Hobo, Masafumi Sakata, Tomoki Shibata
Synopsis Vanadium is expected to be used as an element in hydrogen storage alloys. One of the main obstacles to this metal being used more commonly in this way is its cost. Pure V refined by electron beam furnace costs more than 60,000 yen/kg in Japan. This paper aims for the realization of a cost efficient process for producing pure V, by refining Al-95V alloy which is almost as cheap as a tenth of pure V. The cold crucible was chosen as a refining furnace because it does not use ceramic
more » ... les, which would react with the molten vanadium and impurify it. The combination of two successive processes was invented. In the first process, Al 2 O 3 was removed by slag-metal reaction. In the second process, Misch metal was used for deoxidization. Ti 7 Cr 12.5 V 78.5 Mn 2 which was produced by this new method showed good performance as a hydrogen storage alloy. Paper V 1), 2) V V Al V (EB) 3) Al, O EB 60,000 /kg V V 1890 Al 2) Al O V 4),5)
doi:10.4262/denkiseiko.74.13 fatcat:i6enxegrcrb7tjx2xcas6xmhfu