Prenatal Maternal Stress and Pediatric Asthma Across Development: Adolescent Female-Specific Vulnerability [article]

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Prenatal maternal stress (PNMS) is linked to physical sequelae in offspring, including childhood asthma. This study sought to examine the roles of objective and subjective PNMS in the development of asthma at offspring ages 5 and 15. The sample included 815 mother-child dyads from the Mater Misericordiae Mothers' Hospital-University of Queensland Study of Pregnancy. PNMS was measured via retrospective self-report during pregnancy and 3–5 days after birth. Postnatal maternal stress was measured
more » ... t offspring age 5. Objective PNMS was associated with elevated asthma risk at age 5 (OR = 1.21, 95% CI = 1.00, 1.45, p = 0.05), albeit not above concurrent postnatal stress. Sex moderated the association between PNMS and asthma at age 15, controlling for postnatal stress. Sex stratified analyses revealed a positive association between objective PNMS and age 15 asthma in females, but not males. Results provide evidence that PNMS may impact asthma outcomes in adolescence.
doi:10.34944/dspace/8213 fatcat:hj6dnxlipnagnn46kr44xbuq2q