1882 The Lancet  
the same results, as may be witnessed at his public "seances," or confenences, as he pleased to call them, to give them more the character uf scientific meetings. He even goes furtherthao Drs. Charcot aud Damontpallier, and pretends to hive the power of paralysing or rendering insensible during the magnetic state the special senses, the nerves, muscles, the different organs, either singly or in groups, without having himself the slightest notion of anaromy or phyaiology. In other words, he
more » ... ther words, he professes to paralyse functions, and not organs, which, he says, is quite another phase of this new form of animal magnetism. So it is with a vengeance ; and if anyone will unravel this very unphysiological and withal incomprehensible problem, he will deserve well of humanity ; as M. Donato, like his more learned rivals, tells his audience : "J'ai montre les faits, je ne peux pas les expliquer." M.
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