The Practice Unification of Disciplinary Construction and Talent Cultivation Against the Background of "Double First-class" Strategy in Chinese Higher Institutions

Jinzhu Zhang, Hongquan Lin
2018 Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Ecological Studies (CESSES 2018)   unpublished
Talent cultivation is an important function of modern universities and one of the essentials of constructing first-class disciplines. Disciplinary construction and talent cultivation are two mutually supported missions which run through the governance of universities all the time. The evolution of new knowledge production model and the emergence of the wave of internationalization of higher education in the world further regulate the practice of discipline construction and talent cultivation.
more » ... anwhile, the integration and innovation of knowledge and the cultivation of talents has become the dual kernel of discipline construction. Adhering to the concept of value rational education, realizing the conscious compliance of administrative power and academic power, insisting on the unification of discipline construction and talent cultivation in educational practice is the essence of the construction of "Double First-class" in universities. It is also the logical starting point of university governance. Discipline construction and talent cultivation have the same core accomplishment, which are two different aspects of the same university governance process in the field of university, and the main practice path is the unification of teaching and learning and scientific research.
doi:10.2991/cesses-18.2018.39 fatcat:eozhbocu35bmlph3dqfsxcug2e