Processing Pathways in Mental Arithmetic—Evidence from Probabilistic Fiber Tracking

Elise Klein, Korbinian Moeller, Volkmar Glauche, Cornelius Weiller, Klaus Willmes, Bogdan Draganski
2013 PLoS ONE  
Numerical cognition is a case of multi-modular and distributed cerebral processing. So far neither the anatomo-functional connections between the cortex areas involved nor their integration into established frameworks such as the differentiation between dorsal and ventral processing streams have been specified. The current study addressed this issue combining a reanalysis of previously published fMRI data with probabilistic fiber tracking data from an independent sample. We aimed at
more » ... ing neural correlates and connectivity for relatively easy and more difficult addition problems in healthy adults and their association with either rather verbally mediated fact retrieval or magnitude manipulations, respectively. The present data suggest that magnitude-and fact retrieval-related processing seem to be subserved by two largely separate networks, both of them comprising dorsal and ventral connections. Importantly, these networks not only differ in localization of activation but also in the connections between the cortical areas involved. However, it has to be noted that even though seemingly distinct anatomically, these networks operate as a functionally integrated circuit for mental calculation as revealed by a parametric analysis of brain activation.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055455 pmid:23383194 pmcid:PMC3559478 fatcat:7or3wksbsjeajn4pvlmbvnjn4m